VA General Information

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If you're an active duty military member or veteran, you must complete the same online application forms as new students. 

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  • All associate degree (credit) programs listed in the college catalog at Northampton Community College are approved for VA Education Benefits. Most certificate and specialized diplomas are also approved. 
  • Changes in address, phone number, and level of enrollment must be promptly reported to the Veterans' Affairs Assistant for submission to the VA.
  • The VA will only pay education benefits for those courses which apply to your curriculum as outlined on your degree audit. Also included are remedial courses and College Success.
  • The VA will only pay education benefits one time for courses in which grades of A,B, or C are earned. A course in which a D grade is received can be repeated only if a C grade or better is required by the college. The VA may pay one time to repeat a course in which an F grade is received, unless mitigating circumstances existed to cause the failure.
  • "Satisfactory Academic Progress": While receiving VA Education Benefits, you must be making satisfactory academic progress per federal guidelines in the categories of GPA (grade point average) and CR (completion rate). This means you must successfully complete a minimum of 67% of all credits attempted and maintain a GPA of 2.0 or better. Progress information is available from the Veterans' Affairs Office, or the Financial Aid Office.
  • The VA requires that benefits received for courses in which "W" grades were assigned must be returned to the VA, unless documented mitigating circumstances for the withdrawal can be proven. These may include but are not limited to: call to active duty or training; illness of the veteran; illness or death of a family member of the veteran; unavoidable change in veteran's work schedule; unavoidable change in veteran's job location.
  • The VA will advise the school and the veteran of the obligation for repayment and may recoup those funds from the veteran from a future education claim.