Vasiliki Anastasakos, NCC Faculty

Professor Kiki Anastasakos

Call her Dr. Anastasakos. Call her Kiki. Call her Pennsylvania Professor of the Year. Call her your professor when you sign up for the Global Studies program!

With a warm, inviting personality and an engaging Socratic teaching style, Dr. Anastasakos helps her students to refine their thinking about issues, and to discover in themselves answers they never knew they had.

"Global studies could not be a more timely major for our students," Dr. Anasatakos says. "Our world has reached such a critical point that, unless we learn to communicate and collaborate across cultures to find common solutions to global challenges, we will surely be faced with ecological self-destruction and economic and political chaos. We prepare students to successfully navigate and thrive in a rapidly changing, interdependent world, and expect our graduates to become leaders in bringing about positive change in their local and global communities."