Middle Level Education

Middle Level EducationYoung adolescents are a unique group of learners who have specific needs and interests. They are best served by educators who are specifically trained to teach with those needs in mind. NCC offers a program that not only prepares teachers to understand the unique characteristics of this age group, but also enables them to provide leadership and the tools necessary to cater to each student's personal and academic needs. The middle level years are extraordinary periods of human development. Middle level educators are in a position to create a positive future for students by providing a careful and compassionate experience in the classroom.

The Middle Level Education curriculum is designed for students who intend to transfer to a four-year bachelor's degree program, and provides a strong foundation in mathematics, science, language arts and social sciences. The program also consists of a core of selected courses and electives that are devoted to developing further depth of knowledge in academic specialties.

During the third semester, students in the program prepare for the Pre-service Academic Assessment (PAPA), which they must pass prior to admittance into a four-year institution. As part of the course work, students participate in a variety of field experiences that provide opportunities to observe and interact with children in a range of grade levels.

Upon successful completion of the program, graduates will be able to demonstrate an understanding of classroom dynamics, including: motivation, teacher expectations, special education and teaching techniques and curriculum planning as they relate to an environment of diverse adolescent learners. The program is offered at both the Main and Monroe campuses, with day and evening classes available.

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