Board of Trustees

Robert R. Fehnel, '75

Bruce A. Palmer, '77
Vice Chairman

Mary L. Sharp-Ross

Nicholas F. Politi, Jr.
Assistant Secretary/Treasurer

Susan T. Baxter
Karen Beck Pooley
Tyree A. Blair, Sr.
John Dally
Dean M. Donaher
Andrew A. Forte
Randy Galiotto, '00  
Michael Goffredo
Janis E. Krieger, '85
Theresa Merli
R. Charles Stehly, '77

Trustee Emeriti
* William F. Boucher, M.D.
* Dr. Glenn J. Christensen
* Arnold R. Cook, D.D.S., M.S.D.
* John T. Dally
* Albert P. Delgrosso
Thomas J. Doluisio
* David H. Feinberg, M.D.
John J. Fischel
* Charles W. G. Fuller
Charles M. Hannig
* Sheila M. Korhammer
* Joseph W. Kuebler
* Cecil D. Lipkin
* David A. Reed
* Joseph J. Risbon
Karl A. Stackhouse
* Michael Yamnicky

Faculty Emeriti
Donna S. Acerra, Professor Emerita, Communications
Ebrahim Ahmadizadeh, Professor Emeritus, Mathematics
Mohammad Sadiq Bajwa, Professor Emeritus, Economics
Charles S. Barhight, Professor Emeritus, Business/Accounting
* William F. Bearse, Professor Emeritus, Physical Education
M. Teresa Donate, Professor Emerita, Counseling
Alice R. Dornish, Professor Emerita, Business/Office Administration
Dennis Ebersole, Professor Emeritus, Mathematics/Computer/Information Science
Rex Freeman, Professor Emeritus, Physics/Mathematics
Sharon Gavin Levy, Professor Emerita, English
Virginia Gonzalez-Belles, Professor Emerita, Counseling/Psychology
Douglas E. Heath, Professor Emeritus, Geography and Geology
* Mary Jane Hook, Professor Emerita, English
Julie Houston, Professor Emerita, English
Craig C. Kilpatrick, Professor Emeritus, Psychology
Kenneth C. Kochey, Professor Emeritus, Mathematics
Kevin C. Manna, Professor Emeritus, Computer Science
* John Michael, Professor Emeritus, Architecture
Robert T. Mundhenk, Professor Emeritus, English
Charles Rinehimer, Professor Emeritus, Biology
Norman R. Roberts, Professor Emeritus, Communication/Theatre
* Mary Sellers, Professor Emerita, Sociology
Pamela P. Tabery, Professor Emerita, Biology
* James R. Thompson, Professor Emeritus, History
Nancy Trautmann, Professor Emerita, English
* Richard Voigt, Professor Emeritus, Philosophy
James A. Von Schilling, Professor Emeritus, English

Administrative Emeriti

Sharon Beales, Administrator Emerita, Vice President, Institutional Advancement
Carolyn Bortz, Administrator Emerita, Vice President, Academic Affairs
* Matthew J. Connell, Administrator Emeritus, Dean, Monroe Campus
Mark K. Culp, Administrator Emeritus, Executive Director, Facilities Management & Technology Operations
James Dunleavy, Administrator Emeritus, Vice President, Finance and Operations
Mark H. Erickson, President Emeritus
Rebecca L. Gorton, Administrator Emerita, Director, Early Childhood Education Programs
Sarah B. Jubinski, Administrator Emerita, Dean, Learning Resources Center
* Robert J. Kopecek, President Emeritus
Susan K. Kubik, Administrator Emerita, Vice President, Institutional Advancement
Margaret McGuire Closson, Administrator Emerita, Vice President, Student Affairs
Paul E. Pierpoint, Administrator Emeritus, Vice President for Community Education/Dean Fowler Family Southside Center
Arthur L. Scott, President Emeritus
A. Doreen Smith, Administrator Emerita, Vice President, Academic Affairs
Regina V. Tauke, Administrator Emerita, Dean, Instructional Services/Registrar
* Helene M. Whitaker, Administrator Emerita, Vice President, Administrative Affairs

Sponsoring School Districts
Bangor Area School District
Bethlehem Area School District
Easton Area School District
Nazareth Area School District
Northampton Area School District
Pen Argyl Area School District
Saucon Valley School District
Wilson Area School District

* = deceased


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