NCC has one of the largest scholarship programs in Pennsylvania.

Pursue your education in a community committed to your success. At Northampton Community College (NCC), we take immense pride in our commitment to making education accessible and affordable—including through one of the largest scholarship programs in Pennsylvania!

Each year, we award over 600 scholarships to deserving students like you. These scholarships can support and fuel your educational journey, giving you the extra boost you need to cross the finish line.

Because we invest in our communities, we give preference to permanent residents of Northampton and Monroe counties. We consider a wide range of factors to ensure that as many students as possible can benefit from this support, so no matter your educational path, we could have a scholarship in store for you.




4 Steps to Apply for Scholarships

We like to keep it simple: Apply to NCC and complete the FAFSA, then apply for any additional scholarships and accept your awards! The sooner you enroll at NCC, the better your chances of receiving a scholarship—these awards are in high demand, so getting a head start on the application process can make a big difference.



1. Apply to Northampton Community College

Fill out our fast, easy, and free online application to be considered for NCC scholarships! You can upload your high school/GED transcript(s), test scores, and any other relevant documents.


Apply Now

2. Complete FAFSA

Complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) using our federal school code, 007191, to be considered for Northampton Community College scholarships. The FAFSA is separate from NCC’s scholarship application and has different deadlines for each semester.


Complete the FAFSA

3. Review and Apply for Scholarships

The scholarship application for Fall 2024-Spring 2025 is now open!


Apply for Scholarships



4. Receive Confirmation and Awards

Once you submit your NCC scholarship application, we’ll send you a confirmation email—no additional steps are required!


The Scholarships Office will notify you directly if you receive an award. We award most scholarships during the summer months leading up to the start of the Fall semester. Remember that you need to reapply and qualify for NCC scholarships each academic year.


*** Submitting an NCC scholarship application does not guarantee you will receive a scholarship, but it is a necessary step to qualify for an award. ***



External Scholarships

On top of NCC’s impressive scholarship program, you can apply for additional financial aid through private funding bodies. These opportunities vary widely, with some hyper-specific scholarships available based on things like your major and your background. Explore our directory of external scholarship options to learn more.


Scholarship FAQs

Scholarships are a type of gift aid, meaning money that you don’t need to repay. We offer two main types of scholarships: need-based, which takes into account your FAFSA information, and merit-based, which considers information like your transcripts, extracurricular activities, and life experience.

You can apply for scholarships provided that you have:

  • Submitted your application for enrollment to NCC
  • Completed your Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application
  • Registered for six or more credit hours each semester
  • Maintained a GPA of 2.0 or higher

You are eligible once you meet all of these criteria!


We offer funding based on a wide range of qualifying factors such as academic achievement, financial need, program of study, and more, and we extend scholarship offers first to students from and living in Northampton and Monroe counties.

As soon as possible! Once you register for your classes each semester, we can determine your eligibility for a scholarship—and the earlier you register and apply, the more opportunities are available for consideration.

Yes! NCC scholarships are awarded for one academic year. Each year, you need to reapply and qualify for further scholarship funding, which you can earn for up to four semesters.


Your scholarship amount may be divided between your Fall and Spring semesters. Furthermore, if you enroll in fewer credits or withdraw from classes, your Financial Aid and scholarship award eligibility may change.


Annual Savings Attending NCC


Scholarships Awarded Annually


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