More Colleges and Universities Welcome NCC Grads

February 07, 2012

Lehigh University



What do Lehigh and Lafayette have in common?

Highly respected academic programs?  Absolutely.

The longest uninterrupted annual football rivalry in the country?  For sure.

Special options for students who have done well at Northampton Community College and who want to transfer?  Now the answer is yes!

In separate ceremonies during the week of January 31, officials from Lehigh and Lafayette announced programs designed to encourage high achieving NCC grads to continue their education at their institutions.

Lafayette has promised to waive the admissions application fee for all applicants from NCC and to cover the demonstrated financial needs of students who are accepted and who meet deadlines for submitting financial aid documents.  The Easton-based college will send admissions representatives to NCC twice a year and will host campus visits for prospective transfer candidates, as well as facilitating faculty mentorships and career counseling for NCC students who enroll.

Lehigh is courting graduates of NCC's honors program.  Those who graduate from NCC with an associate of arts or associate of science degree and a minimum grade point average of 3.5 will be eligible to apply for special scholarships and for the Community College Scholars Program, a new program that will allow NCC students who are admitted to take a course at Lehigh free of charge during the fall or spring while they are still enrolled at Northampton.  Counselors from Lehigh will come to Northampton to help honors students who are interested in transferring to Lehigh plan their courses so that most will be able to finish their bachelor's degrees at Lehigh in four semesters, plus some summer courses for engineering or business students.

Mark Henry, director of advising and transfer services at NCC says the new agreements with Lafayette and Lehigh will expand opportunities for talented and high achieving students to be considered at prestigious institutions.  He is pleased about the level of support that students will from the admissions staff at Lafayette and Lehigh receive throughout the application process.

NCC students have excelled at both Lafayette and Lehigh.  Trevor Colahan '00 who is featured on NCC's billboards studied engineering at Northampton and then transferred to Lehigh.  He is now a mechanical engineer at F. L. Smidth, a global engineering company based in Bethlehem.

Emil Boulous '10 is in his final semester at Lafayette.  A math/physics major at NCC, he says he felt well prepared for math classes there even though they have gotten increasingly demanding as the content has become more theoretical.   In addition to majoring in math, Boulous has minored in economics.  He has already passed two of the three professional exams necessary to begin a career as an actuary.

Asked what advice he would have for Northampton students who hope to transfer to Lafayette or to other top-tier colleges and universities, Boulous says, "Work hard, and apply as early as possible."

With the new transfer agreements in place, more NCC graduates may be rooting for opposite sides as the sports rivalry between the schools continues, but all will have gotten an excellent education.

Mark Henry explains how easy tranferring your NCC education to a four-year institution can be in this youtube video.

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