Tuition and Fees

Rates are based on your permanent residency in the last 90 days. The college reserves the right to request documentation to prove residency. Click here to read complete residency policies .

Tuition & Fees Breakdown
Summer 2014 - Spring 2015

Institutional fees include the Comprehensive Fee and Technology Fee which support student and instructional services and are charged to all students; and the Capital Outlay Fee which supports capital costs and is charged only to residents outside of the sponsoring Northampton County PA school districts. Residents from the sponsoring Northampton County PA districts do not pay a Capital Outlay Fee as their portion is funded by their sponsoring school district


Application Fee
$25 non-refundable fee due with your application to the Admissions Office

Admissions Deposit Full-time students, excluding Allied Health students who pay a $200 fee, must pay a $50 admission deposit. Part-time students in selected programs will also be charged the $50 fee, which will be applied to tuition and fees for the first enrolled semester.

Academic Course Fees Selected courses may require an additional fee to cover the real cost of materials and services used. These fees are listed in the course schedule. Some computer license fees are non-refundable after the official semester start date.

Audited Courses Students choosing to audit a course pay the same costs associated with taking a course for credit. The Records Office should be notified that the course is being audited.

Challenge Exams Fee for challenge exams (to receive academic credit by examination) is 50% of the in-county tuition rate (tuition only - no fees), regardless of the student's residency. If the student passes the exam, they will receive academic credit for the course; if the student fails the exam, they will receive a refund equal to 50% of the exam fee paid.

Library Testing Fees

Senior Citizens In-county residents who are 65 years of age or older qualify for a tuition and fee waiver for credit courses (noncredit does not qualify for a waiver). The waiver must be requested by the student at the time of registration. A valid PA Photo ID or PA Driver's License is also required. Note: Waiver is provided for tuition, comprehensive fee, technology fee and capital fee only. Academic course fees, textbooks and other expenses that may be required for course completion are not included and are the responsibility of the student. Tuition and Fee Waiver plus other forms of financial aid awards and/or third-party payments received on behalf of the student cannot exceed tuition and eligible fee charges and if so, will reduce the Tuition and Fee Waiver accordingly.

Collection Costs and Fees Collection Fees (120+ days delinquent) range from 33% to 43% of total balance referred to collection plus additional legal costs and fees associated with collecting the outstanding balance. Pre-collection service fees (90-120 days delinquent) range from $10 -$90 per account based on the account balance.

Library Fines Past-due materials will be billed to the student at their replacement cost plus late fines and fees. Delinquent amounts are referred to a private collection agency where additional costs will be applied and become the responsibility of the student. Materials will no longer be accepted by the library for accounts that are in private collection and such accounts may only be satisfied by full payment to the collection agency.

Parking Fines $10 to $25; $10 additional late fine if not paid within 10 days

Payment Plan Fees $35 Per Semester Enrollment fee; $25 Per Month Late Payment Fee

Reinstatement Fee Students who do not pay their tuition and fees by the tuition due date risk being dropped for nonpayment at the college's discretion. Students who are dropped and re-register in classes will be charged a non-refundable reinstatement fee of $10.00 per credit hour, payable in full upon reinstatement. All credit hours added at any time during or after the reinstatement period will be charged this fee, including credit hours in excess of the original registration. The fee is non-refundable and financial aid cannot be used to pay for this fee.

Returned Check Fee A $25 charge plus collection costs and fees will be charged on each returned check. After the college has received two returned checks, future transactions must be made in cash or by certified bank check; personal checks or credit cards will not be accepted. Returned checks of any nature do not cancel your financial responsibility.

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