COVID-19 Information & Fall Plans

Virtual Campus Courses vs Traditional Courses

What is different about taking a virtual campus course compared to a traditional on campus course?​

Generally, online courses are set up as units with assignments from each unit due by the end of the week. It will help you have a positive experience if you do not let yourself get behind. 

Online courses are as much work as on-campus courses, and it may take additional time to do the coursework. However, the convenience of working at home and on your schedule may be well worth the extra effort.

Reading assignments are still based on your textbook, which you can purchase at the bookstore. 

Quizzes or tests, and other written submissions, are done online. Some of the quizzes (multiple choice or true/false) are automatically graded, meaning you receive your grade immediately. Your instructor will grade and return essay tests or learning activities that require typing the text from a word processing program. Note that the system keeps a record of your assignments, including the time and date submissions were made and graded.

Discussion is an important part of many classes. These are not "live" discussions, but more like a message board where there is a record of all postings. You are typically expected to submit your own posts and respond to other student's posts. You may email your instructor any time you have a question or comment as well.

All NCC students are expected to regularly check their NCC student email account for new emails from college instructors and staff. This is especially important for online students.