Choosing Dual Enrollment gives your student the opportunity to experience the academic rigor of college as they earn credits towards a future degree. It also demonstrates a more intense course load on transcripts and improves overall college-readiness, all while doing so at a more affordable cost. Help your student stay on track with these helpful links.

Review the Academic Calendar

Stay up-to-date with closings, exam schedules, grades and more with our Academic Calendar

Add/Drop a Class

Complete the course Add/Drop Form (PDF) on our Records Resources page and submit to the registrar by the add/drop date on our calendar. Please make note that if a class is dropped by the first drop date, students will receive a full tuition refund. If students choose to drop a class before the second drop date listed, they will receive a 50% tuition refund. If a class is dropped after the second drop date, refunds will not be given. Typically the last day to add or drop classes happens within the first 3 weeks of classes. You can also drop a class by logging into your student's Lifelearn account. From there select My Course Information>Current Sections then click the "Request Drop" button.

Access Grades

You can view your student's grades by logging into his or her MyNCC portal. 

Support Your Student

Adapting to the workload that a college-level course produces can be challenging at first, so we encourage parents to help students practice time-management skills and teach them how to advocate for themselves so they know to speak up if they need help. Dual Enrollees also have access to any of our Student Services such as our Learning Center and Library.

Prepare for Graduation

If you're the parent of a High School senior who is planning to continue their education at NCC, make sure to have your child submit a Change of Major Form. You will also need to request a final High School transcript be sent to NCC to show proof of graduation, and apply for Financial Aid

Review our Resources

We've compiled a list of Helpful Resources available to our Dual Enrollment Students. From the NCC Honors program to student services, explore them all here.