Flex Account FAQ

1. What are flex dollars?

Flex dollars allows you to make purchases with the benefit and ease of not carrying cash. You can use flex dollars at the following locations:

  • Food Court
  • Bookstore
  • Library
  • Selected Vending Machines
  • Hampton Winds Restaurant
  • Spartan's Den

When your NCC Spartan Card is presented to the cashier, the amount of the purchase is deducted from your flex account.

Gift Cards cannot be purchased with Flex Dollars

2. I have a meal plan, do I need a flex account?

Residence hall students and first semester apartment residents with an existing meal plan account automatically receive $200 in flex dollars for the semester. They may add additional dollars to their flex account at any time to supplement their current meal plan. The initial $200 is non-refundable and these initial dollars can only be spent at the Snack Bar in Residence Hall and at the Food Court in College Center.  Additional deposits above the $200 are kept in a separate fund and are always refundable and can be used in the bookstore in addition to the Snack Bar and Food Court. 

3. How do I get a flex account?

Visit the Bursar's Office-Bethlehem Campus or the Enrollment Services Office-Monroe Campus and ask to open a flex Account. A minimum of $25.00 is required to open a flex account. If you are using financial aid to pay for flex, you can transfer excess aid up to a maximum of $300 per semester by completing and submitting the Student Account Authorization Form.

4. How do I add money to my flex account?

Visit the Bursar's Office-Bethlehem Campus or the Enrollment Services Office-Monroe Campus. A minimum of $10.00 is required for additions to an existing account.

5. What happens at the end of the semester with my unspent balance?

Your flex account balance will remain available for you to use in future semesters.

6. How do I request a refund?

You may request a refund at any time you decide to close your flex account. Refund requests should be made in writing to the Bursar's Office Bethlehem Campus.

7. What happens if I lose my Spartan Card?

You should immediately notify the Bursar's Office and the VP of Student Affairs Office. Monroe Campus students should contact the Student Services Office. Your current card will be deactivated so that it cannot be used to access your Meal or flex funds. You should visit the VP of Student Affairs Office or the Monroe Campus Student Services Office as soon as possible to replace the lost card. Upon replacement, your new card will be the only card that can access your Meal and/or flex funds. Cost of card replacement is currently $10.00 which can be paid at the Bursar's Office.

NCC is not responsible for meal or flex funds accessed through a lost card.