Contact Tracing


Contact tracing is the public health investigation that is initiated when an individual reports COVID-19 symptoms or positive COVID test results to a qualified health care professional. At NCC, contact tracing is conducted through the Health Center staff. The Health Center staff confer with the Bethlehem Health Bureau as needed on a case by case basis.

Faculty, staff and students who are symptomatic or potentially may be positive for COVID-19, or hear of an individual within our college community potentially being positive, should convey that information to the Health Center as soon as possible via the NCCGo app Healthcheck, or phone or email message. The Health Center staff will investigate each case individually and determine the level of risk of exposure that occurred when the individual was on campus. A "contact" is considered anyone who was within 6 feet or less of the positive individual for longer than a 15 minute period. Any individuals who fit this definition of "contact" with the positive COVID case, will be contacted by the Health Center staff and instructed on what if any actions need to be taken. NOTE: Simply being in the same room with the positive COVID individual does NOT make an individual a "contact."

COVID-19 test results and an individual's health status are considered Protected Personal Information and must be handled confidentially. The Health Center staff are qualified to handle this information and are also trained in contact tracing to be able to counsel our faculty, staff and students to maintain our highest levels of safety.