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Electronics Technology Associate Degree

Northampton Community College's Electronics Technology program is perfect for students interested in a career as an electronics technician and can be completed in as little as two years (or four years on a part-time basis). Students can also transfer their credits to a four-year institution after completing the associate degree program.  

Upon graduation students can enter the workforce or continue toward a B.S. in electronics technology (BSET or BSEET). Pennsylvania schools include Bloomsburg University, Pennsylvania State University (Harrisburg Campus), and Pennsylvania College of Technology (Williamsport). Students may also complete a B.S. degree in Technical Leadership from Bloomsburg University through a combination of courses offered either online or at NCC.

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Electronics Technology Curriculum

The program reflects continuous industry input and monitoring of electronics education trends nationwide. The curriculum is applied and emphasizes a strong foundation in electronics fundamentals with hands-on skills critical to success in the field. Studies include:

  • Core Coursework: DC/AC circuits analysis, solid state devices, integrated circuits, programmable digital electronics, and microcontrollers. Students develop troubleshooting skills using modern industry-standard instruments. All courses include a lab component.
  • Mechanical Skills: Courses include Electronics Manufacturing with IPC-610 and J-Standard soldering certifications, Mechanical Skills, and Team Projects.
  • Computer Skills: Technical reports use Multisim, MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Students program devices using hardware description language (HDL) and C++ for microcontrollers.
  • Communication Skills: Skills to record and report technical information are developed over the course of the program.
  • Project Work: Prototyping is integrated into all semesters.

Careers in Electronics Technology

Technology companies want to hire well-rounded electronics technicians who can help their business grow profitably. Northampton’s Electronics Technology program integrates comprehensive electronic circuit theory and practical hands-on lab work with general education.

Northampton graduates are employed in areas such as installation, repair, operation, and product design in manufacturing, commercial, medical, and military applications.

Electronics Technology Career Paths

  • Senior Electronics Technician
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Degrees We Offer

  • Associate in Applied Science | 2 years
  • Specialized Diploma | 1 year
  • This entire program can be completed at our Bethlehem Campus
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