Kristen Cervenak, NCC Student

Kristen Cervenak, NCC Journalism Student

Kristen Cervenak's love of writing and newspapers -- and a chance meeting with a journalist who inspired her to listen, not just hear -- led her to NCC to pursue a degree in Journalism, Media & Professional Writing.

"Every person has a unique journey and story," Kristen believes. "To be able to share the words and wisdom I've received from others is a huge driving factor for me."

The best thing about NCC's program for her is the ability to publish her articles in NCC's student newspaper, The Commuter, for which she is editor-in-chief.

Kristen advises students considering the Journalism, Media & Professional Writing major to never be afraid to ask questions or share their work. "Truth is a beautiful thing, as are the connections you can make with people."