Lethal Weapons Training @NCC

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania requires that any person wishing to become a certified security officer or who is privately employed and is required, as a condition of employment, to carry a lethal weapon, must participate in a 40 hour Lethal Weapons Training Program. Pennsylvania also requires that that every five years, individuals who have been certified, attend an eight hour recertification program. Programs available:

  • Basic Certification Course
  • Recertification Course
  • Certification Course Without Firearms
  • Recertification Course Without Firearms
  • Lethal Weapons Basic Training Course with Firearms (Upgrade Training)

In order to register, participants must have firearms experience and a copy of their PA State Police approval letter. Students must supply their own firearm and ammunition. Weapons and ammunition are not provided.

For more details about the program, contact Tom Barnowski at tbarnowski@northampton.edu, or complete our request for information form today!

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