A Beautiful Day on Earth

NCC's Annual Earth Day Celebration

by Cynthia Tintorri; photos by Patricia Canavan,

Alexander Junda with Gila monsterMother Nature brought beautiful spring weather to the party for Northampton Community College's annual Earth Day celebration on Tuesday, April 22. Attendees enjoyed the event on the Quad at the Bethlehem Campus, strolling by tables that featured make-your-own samples of all-natural alternative products like bubble bath, facial scrub, and tick repellent for your pet. Younger students from NCC's Reibman Hall Children's Center had fun in the bounce house.

There were also hands-on activities and workshops, such as make-and-take your own houseplant, herb garden, tie-dye t-shirt or birdfeeder. Plenty of participants took advantage of the opportunity to get up close and personal with a variety of snakes, Madagascar hissing cockroaches, a gila monster, Corey and Biko the tortoises, Maddy the rottweiler, and a very gummy, but oh-so-real frog.

Information tables included the Science Club, Food Co-op, Good Growers Club, Collegiate Recovery Program, honeybee awareness and honey tasting, and PSECU. Adjunct professor of geology Michael Kessler offered a dazzling display of polished rock and gemstone jewelry for sale.

See more photos of the fun in this Flickr gallery. This "house" represents the average water usage per day in the U.S. per person -- 100 gallons!