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Happy New Semester!

Happiness and Prosperity

Spartan Fest 2016Students forgot about the mountain of snow outside as they partied at Spartan Fest, the annual party held to kick off the start of the spring semester, on January 28.

"Happiness and Prosperity" is a popular Chinese New Year's greeting. At the Chinese New Year-themed Spartan Fest, it seemed a good indication of what the Spartan Fest 2016spring semester would bring for Northampton Community College students. Cheerful smiles could be seen as they feasted on a buffet of Asian cuisine, laughed with friends, danced, and competed in sumo wrestling. Students also had the chance to ensure a successful semester by learning about over sixty NCC clubs and organizations they could join.

"This was the largest Spartan Fest in Northampton history," Student Senate President Patrick Grifone said. "We had a committee dedicated to making sure it was a success."

Success also was had by the Funeral Services Association, who was awarded $100 by Student Senate for having the table that best represented their club's mission.

Other winners were Trevon Cheese and Elizabeth Segreaves, who took the titles in sumo wrestling, and Robert VanThiel who won the rice ball eating competition.

Spartan Fest 2016Of course, everyone in attendance were also winners, especially if they joined a student club!

Take a look at the fun in this video and check out more images in the photo gallery.

A happy and prosperous start, indeed!