Meet Lacie

Lacie catches flies out of the air!


Your name:   Michelle Palmisano

Job title/department:   Assistant Director of Advising & Transfer Services/Advising Department

What is your dog’s name?   Lacie

How old is your dog?   7

Pure breed or mixed mutt?   Mixed mutt

What is your dog’s gender?   Female

Describe your dog in three words:  Attention seeking, sweet, hyper

What is the thing your dog cannot live without?    Her humans & her sister.

Can your dog do tricks? If so, what?   She can eat a fly out of the air- gross.

What is the best trick your dog has taught you?   How to stay in the kitchen so she eats-- she hates eating alone.

Do you have a nickname for your dog?   Lacer

Does your dog enjoy bath time?   Yes! She goes into the tub voluntarily if I say "go get a bath". It's incredible.

You know your dog is in a good mood when he/she does this:    She wags her tail so hard that her entire butt also wags.

Your dog’s favorite spot to hangout is:   Curled up in any fabric...she will move clothing, rugs, blankets, towels, etc. to make a bed.

Favorite toy:   Her bones- emphasis on multiple, she steals all the bones.

One habit you would love to change:   She loves to jump up to adults to get love.

Does your dog prefer to play with people, or other dogs?    People

Does your dog like children?   Yes, loves kids and is so much more gentle with them than she is with adults.

If you could ask your dog one question and they’d be able to answer it, what would it be?    I'd want to ask her "what happened to you?".

Can your dog read your emotions?    Yes. She especially knows if I'm sick and will cuddle up to me.

Funniest moment you’ve had with your dog:   She doesn't need to be leashed. One night in the dark 6 deer came through the yard and she chased them across the street and into the woods at hyper speed. I laughed so hard and thought, 'what are you going to do if you catch one?'

What is the most rewarding aspect of owning your dog?  Lacie was found wandering the streets in a Kentucky suburb, so knowing that she has a wonderful life with us full of love and attention is rewarding in itself.