Fine Art Majors Present Their Capstone Projects

The Earth without “art” is just “eh”

From watercolor to ceramics, as a part of their capstone project for their Individual Studio Professional Practices class, Northampton Community College (NCC) students put together a body of work under the guidance of professor Rachael Gorchov, art professor at NCC. These students discussed the motivation behind their work at an Artists’ Talk on April 30, which was followed by a reception where their artwork was displayed in Communications Hall Gallery at Bethlehem Campus.

The students who presented their projects were Matt Bright, Nate Davilla, Tim DeJesus, Shawn Dezonie, Natasha Hartzog, Thabiana Jeanty, Bashae Josephs, Don Lieberman, Hayley Lott, Makayla Mitchell, Viri Montesinos Castillo, Parth Patel, Sarah Reinhardt, Conrad Richebacher, Lois Ritchie, Lauren Stetler, Michelle Stokes and Corrine Stumpf.

As a part of the capstone, students had to work on an obstruction piece, homage piece,labor of love piece, and a self-guided portion of the project.

The obstruction assignment required students to have elements that they had to work around in their piece. For example, some colors, materials, shapes, figures, etc. could not be used. "I love covering females of color in my artwork. I had to paint my female figure deconstructed, which was a challenge for me, but I was happy to rise to the occasion," said Thabiana Jeanty of her obstruction piece.

The students paid respect to a person, place or idea that they were honoring in their homage work. "I experimented with yellow and made it textured. It's a llama because my brother loves llamas," said Makayla Mitchell.

The labor of love piece allowed students to pour their heart and soul into a passion project. Bashae Josephs told the audience, "I incorporated battles I've seen people struggle with including addiction to prescription pills."

Parth Patel loves animation, and he created GIFs and a short animation as part of his self-guided project. “In Vo Tech in high school, I learned to mix conventional art into the digital world. NCC allowed me experiment further with this.”

The students tackled hot button topics in our society such as addiction, body image, environmental changes and sexuality. Many artists used their imagination as a connection to nature, spirituality or family. For Viri Montesinos Castillo, her culture inspires her artwork.

Sarah Reinhardt, who will be holding an art show through her internship this summer at the Brick and Mortar Design Studio and Art Gallery in Easton, knew that she “wanted to make art but didn't know what for.” Former Art Professor, Bruce Wall, who retired last year, taught her to make art for the sake of it and the beauty of it.  As one student added, “The Earth without ‘art’ is just ‘eh’.”

Conrad Richebacher, a 76-yr old college student, came to NCC to pursue his love of art after years spent in the world of architecture. “I found I loved constructing with bits and pieces of materials I find speaking to me, telling me what to do with them.”

At the conclusion of the program, the Annual Individual Studio Fine Art Awards were given to three students who also received Blick gift certificates. Corinne Stumpf took third place, Conrad Richebacher took second, and Natasha Hartzog took first. All of the students were winners for their creative and thought-provoking pieces!