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NCC Science Fair

Students present research projects

Breena QuierThe Northampton Community College Science Club hosted the second annual NCC Science Fair on April 27 at the Bethlehem Campus. The fair represented undergraduate research and projects in five STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) categories: chemistry, biology, mathematics, social science and physical science.

See more photos of the exhibits in this album.

Projects included:

Hayley Coombs - How chickens develop and grow
Marissa DeFranco - How pigs develop and grow
Paisley Hoffman - How chickens develop and grow
Brianna Gullotta - Manatees
Laurie Segreaves - Environmental issues
Christian Tirrito - The evolution of the eye
Jillian Alexander - Eye contact mimics intransitive movement of the hand
Julia Schoenberger - Nuerological effects of infant learning
Jamie Walcheski - Enzyme activity in alcoholic fermentation
Hannah DeAngelo - Comparison of feline and canine mouth bacteria
Lisa Glover - Generating renewable fuel products from organic food waste
Breena Quier - Health value of Chaga mushrooms

Nicolas CalabreseChemistry
Nicolas Calabrese - Chemistry of Ivory soap
Jennifer Christine, Matthew Baynard, Nadjarathou Raicha Kamara, Judy Arroyo, Jared Yext - Extracting superoxide dismutase from garlic

Lauren Patterson-Strong - Generating CMOS-compatible infrared light emitters

Social Science
Kevin Sandler - Aging and the perception of time

Physical Science
Jade Martino - Acid mine drainage and remediation