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NCC's ETAC Funded to Conduct Energy Assessments

Energy Assessments Have Resulted in Cost and Energy Savings of More Than $20M For Local Businesses

Katherine Noll,

Northampton Community College's Emerging Technology Applications Center (ETAC) has been awarded grant funding to conduct energy assessments for small and mid-sized manufacturers. The grant is collaborative support through the U.S. Department of Energy State Energy Program and the Department of Environmental Protection Office of Pollution Prevention and Energy Efficiency. The objective of the program is to assist manufacturers reduce energy consumption and demand, concomitantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  

ETAC is a not-for-profit, applied R&D center within The Center for Business and Industry at Northampton Community College in Bethlehem, PA. ETAC specializes in industrial process heating, drying, curing, melting, and energy efficiency of manufacturing unit operations. For more than 25 years the center has had a long-standing commitment as a resource to Pennsylvania's manufacturing base.  

ETAC offers three different classes of energy assessments:  

Class 1: One day walk through with short report identifying opportunities,

Class 2: Targeted energy assessment structured around specific opportunities,

Class 3: Full facility investment-grade assessment.  

ETAC has conducted over 60 investment-grade energy efficiency assessments. These have resulted in identified cost and energy savings of more than $20 million/year and over 1 trillion BTU/yr. These assessments have also reduced air emissions by nearly 267,000 tonnes/yr. Many assessments have been targeted assessments, such as optimization of unit operations, lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, building envelope, process heating, process cooling, heat-treating, curing and drying, compressed air, electric motors, and control systems. The assessments cover nearly every industrial segment.  

ETAC has invested over $250,000 in instruments to collect and record empirical data for its assessments, on which many of its recommendations are based. These include high-temperature furnace thermal profiler, high-temperature infrared cameras, electric power loggers and analyzers up to 15kV, gas and liquid mass flow meters, and ultrasonic leak detectors. ETAC clients include Boeing, Carpenter Technology, Meadville Forging, Medico Industries Manufacturing Division, the Ellwood Group, Textron, Ametek, Cambridge Lee and Channellock.  

As a registered Conservation Service Provider with the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, ETAC has helped its customers obtain hundreds of thousand dollars in utility rebates under Act 129 for energy measures ETAC has recommended.  

For more information:
Emerging Technology Applications Center
511 E. Third Street
Bethlehem, PA 18015