NCC's Funeral Service Education Faculty and Alumni Featured on PBS39

More women than ever are serving as funeral directors in the U.S.

Patricia Werner, assistant professor of funeral services

Less than 40 years ago, only 5% of funeral directors in the United States were women. Now, close to half (43%) are female and they make up more than 60% of mortuary science students across the country. 

In this video, K.C. Lopez of PBS39 interviews Northampton Community College (NCC) alumni Felicia Wiedemann, funeral director of Downing Funeral Home, and Amy Keller Thomas, funeral director of Keller Funeral Home, about what it is like to work in an industry that has previously been dominated by men. Patricia Werner, NCC assistant professor of funeral services, and Tony Moore, director of funeral service education also offer their insights into the history of the profession and women who are now pursing funeral service education degrees.

Click on this link and scroll to the bottom of the page to watch the video on PBS39’s website.