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Rebecca Heid: Hospitality Faculty

Professor, Rebecca Heid, concentrates on helping students fulfill their dreams for a career in Hospitality

Welcome! No word better sums up the hospitality industry, and Rebecca Heid, assistant professor of Hospitality Management at NCC, has a passion for welcoming and hospitality that she brings into the classroom every single day.

With a bachelor's degree in Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management from Penn State, and an MBA in International Trade, she seeks to bring both best practices in the industry and the flavor of other countries into the curriculum.

"The options are endless, and students can travel anywhere in the world and find a position in this industry," Heid says. What's great about NCC's program is the integration of live labs. "Students get to experience the industry first-hand, meet a variety of industry leaders, and complete an internship within their chosen Hospitality option."

Heid's favorite aspects of hospitality are the opportunities to meet new people and travel. But she stresses that staying put in the Lehigh Valley is a great choice, too. "Hospitality in the Lehigh Valley is always growing - graduates can always find employment here." Students need to have "a passion to work with people, and a willingness to constantly adapt and learn new things," Heid stresses. She tells her students "You can do anything with a hospitality degree, from the human resources side to the financial end. Find your passion!"