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Top 10 NCC News Stories of 2015

The Year in Review

Top 10 NCC News Stories of 2015

Take a look back at 2015 and the Northampton Community College (NCC) stories that you, our readers, liked the most. Or at least clicked on the most! The most-read articles of 2015 were:

1.    Hard Work Pays Off
Who doesn't like being recognized for their hard work? When the Dean's List was posted in June and January, students (and proud family members) clicked on the list in droves!

2.    April Fools'!
Don't be embarrassed if you fell for NCC's April Fools' Day prank, stating that the college had officially changed its name to "NAC." You were one of many who believed and clicked away!

3.   #WisdomWednesday
What words of advice do NCC faculty and staff have for students? You wanted to know every Wednesday during the fall semester when a new meme was revealed.

4.    Bachelor's Degrees at NCC?
When officials from Bloomsburg University and NCC signed an agreement to enable students to earn a technical leadership bachelor's degree at NCC, readers from all over were interested.

5.   An NCC First!
In March, Aaron Rosengarten became the first NCC student to be named a New Century Scholar. Lots of clicking ensued as people offered their congratulations!

6.    And the Award Goes To . . .
When Dr. Javier Ávila, professor of English at NCC, was named the Pennsylvania Professor of the Year in November, readers wanted all the details.

7.    A Bit of Drama at NCC
Who could resist clicking on a title like that? You certainly couldn't! Your reward was this great behind-the-scenes look at NCC's theatre department.

8.    Triumphing Over Trauma
The inspiring story of student Tracy Yatsko, who persevered after suffering a traumatic brain injury in high school, uplifted readers.

 9.    Winter Commencement and Spring Commencement
Not only is commencement the highlight of the year for graduates and families, but so is looking at the recap (and all the great photos) afterwards!

10.   New Campus, New Team
Readers gave a resounding three cheers to the article about the new Monroe Campus Cheerleading Team!

Happy New Year! We look forward to sharing more good news with you in 2016!