Fact Book

I.  Service Area
Service Area Description
Population of Service Area

II.  Admissions
Yield Rates

III.  Student Enrollment
Fall Credit Enrollment Since 1967
Fall Credit Enrollment Last 5 Years
Fall 2013 Credit Enrollment by District and Race & Ethnicity
Fall 2013 Credit Enrollment by County Map
Annual Unduplicated Enrollment Last 5 Years
Annual Unduplicated Enrollment – Fowler, Last 5 Years
County Penetration Rates
Noncredit Heads and FTEs by Semester
Average Section Size – Fall and Spring
New Student Fall Enrollment History Last 5 Years
High School Graduate Participation Rates

IV.  Fall Credit Enrollment Trends – Total
Credit Enrollment Trends – Fall 2013 NCC

V.  Faculty and Staff
Faculty and Staff by Full-time and Part-time

VI.  Student and Graduate Outcomes
Fall to Spring Retention Rates by Gender Last 5 Years
Graduation History – Total Awards
Number of Awards by Type
Graduates by Transfer and Career Program Last 5 Years
Graduates by Gender Last 3 Years
Graduates by Race and Ethnicity Last 3 Years
Pass Rates on Professional Certification Exams
Placement Highlights
Placement Comparison by Graduating Class
Placement By Transfer And Career Program
Graduate Outcomes – Alumni Survey
Percentage of Graduates Who Stay In the Community

VII.  Financial Aid
Financial Aid Dollars Awarded – Last 5 Years
Financial Aid Recipients – Last 5 Years

VIII.  Institutional Revenues and Expenditures
Revenues by Source and Expenditures by Category
Grants History – Last 10 Years

IX.  Monroe Campus
Fall Credit Enrollment at Monroe Campus Since 1988
Credit Enrollment Trends – Fall 2013 Monroe Campus

X.  Online Learning
Credit Enrollment Trends – Fall 2013 Online Learning
Annual Online Learning Unduplicated Enrollment

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