Matthew Cimera, Engineering Student

For Matthew Cimera, attending NCC is a family tradition. Two of his siblings are currently enrolled here with him, and two older siblings have also previously attended and graduated from Northampton. For the Cimera family, being able to attend school at a reasonable rate and close to home was important – but so is the value of the education that they're getting here.

"It also allows flexibility for students who may second-guess their major at an admirably low cost," says Cimera. "Such an advantage meant that if I felt I didn't want to go through with my major, it would be easy enough to change it without consequence."

Luckily for Cimera, he developed an interest in engineering when he was studying physics in high school. As he started to sort through other related majors that were available to him at NCC, he realized that this may be the best fit for him academically. It stuck, and since then he has become active in the SMaRT Scholars program and has also taken on the responsibility of being involved in a number of campus clubs.

"I found out about the SMaRT program from my family members who were courteous enough to mention it," says Cimera. "I'm president of Northampton's Engineering Club, secretary of the Honors Club, and a member of both the Self-Defense Club and the Science Club. I'm also enrolled in NCC's Honors Program, as well as a member of Phi Theta Kappa."

Cimera plans to eventually transfer his credits and pursue a bachelor's degree following his graduation from NCC. He hopes to eventually become an aerospace engineer, applying the concepts and ideas of his education to a real-life situation.

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