Delores Hart, MA, PhD (ABD), has been teaching American Sign Language (ASL) at NCC since September 2011. Delores is currently completing her doctoral dissertation in health psychology focusing on health access issues experienced by members of the culturally Deaf community.

Delores is a member of the Monroe County Council of the Blind and the Tri-County Accessible Arts Coalition, Allentown, Pa. whose goals are to make theatre arts accessible to individuals with hearing and/or vision losses.

Her goals in teaching the 8 week ASL course is to introduce students to the study of ASL by developing expressive skills, grammatical features, facial expressions, and simple conversational behaviors.

By gaining a basic knowledge, appreciation, and respect of Deaf culture, students will learn appropriate cultural behaviors and basic vocabulary that will include introducing oneself, exchanging personal information, talking about family and friends, and conversing about everyday activities.

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