Linda Ball has been teaching Beginners Knitting Classes at the NCC Bethlehem Campus since Fall 2007. A self-taught knitter, Linda embraced knitting as a creative outlet and a method of stress reduction 15 years ago. She promotes a friendly classroom atmosphere where students can learn basic knitting skills, create fashionable projects, such as scarves and hats, and support each other's' accomplishments.

Patient education is a component of her role as a Registered Nurse, so it just seemed a normal progression to teach knitting as both a handcraft as well as a means of relaxation to others. Linda's love of the craft and rather large inventory of yarn has grown into a small hand knits accessories business called "The Barefoot Knitessa".

Her motto is "in this world of chaos, knitting soothes the soul". She lives in the Lehigh Valley with her husband, teenage son, two rescued cats and a collie.