Linda Nevins is teaching sewing skills starting the Fall 2014 semester on NCC's Bethlehem Campus. This class will teach/refresh your memory from beginner basics of a sewing machine and pattern use. Her field of expertise is altering bridal gowns and formals, custom-made garments and alterations of ready to wear.

Linda began sewing by age 9 after watching her mother sew and remembers designing garments she wore starting in 6th grade, sewing most of her clothes throughout junior and senior high school. She began her career at Hess Brothers, Allentown, one year after graduation and has been in business many years in Houston, TX and the Lehigh Valley, working for several bridal shops.

Linda is eager to share her knowledge with the next generations. Sewing can be just for fun or a full time career. She currently works from her home studio, Fit 'N Image, in Nazareth, PA.

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