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School-Age Child Care Diploma


School-Age Child Care Specialized Diploma/SACC (9 credits)

Designed for teachers employed in school-age child-care centers and/or students interested in working in before/after school programs. When completed, you will be prepared to apply for the PA SACC Credential and have the skills and knowledge to apply for the PA School-Age Professional Credential.

The SACC Specialized Diploma consists of three courses. Upon successful completion of the specialized diploma you will receive 9 credits toward an ECE Certificate or Associate Degree.

The courses:

  • Must be taken in sequence with the same instructor
  • Must be sections specifically offered for the School-Age Specialized Diploma

SACC Specialized Diploma consists of the following courses in this sequence:

  • EARL102 School-Age Child Development and Learning
  • EARL103 School-Age Child, Family, and Community
  • EARL104 School-Age Child Care Profession

The SACC's nine credits apply toward the Early Childhood Education: Infant to Grade Four Associate Degree.

SACC - School Age Child Care (9 credit program) Textbook Information (PDF)

SACC - School Age Child Care (6 credits) Textbook Information (those who have had EARL102 Previously) (PDF)

Higher Reach (ESAPC100) Instructions (PDF)