Introduction to Philosophy

Required Readings 2018

VR Vocab.
Intro. Vocab.
Myth of Sisyphus
What Is Philosophy Anyway?
Plato In a Nutshell
Plato's Cave
Panting for Breath
Virtual Morality
The Enlightenment 
What Is Enlightenment?
Hume  -  Miracles
Skeptical Manifesto      
Epistemology  doc. 
Darwin-Descent of Man  
Nothing Deep About Depression
Medicate Your Dissent
Transgender People





Harold's Favorite Philosopher... 

There is also a memorable story related by Cardinal de Retz, which may well deserve our consideration. When that intriguing politician fled into Spain, to avoid the persecution of his enemies, he passed through Saragossa, the capital of Arragon, where he was shewn, in the cathedral, a man, who had served seven years as a door-keeper, and was well known to every body in town, that had ever paid his devotions at that church. He had been seen, for so long a time, wanting a leg; but recovered that limb by the rubbing of holy oil upon the stump; and the cardinal assures us that he saw him with two legs. This miracle was vouched by all the canons of the church; and the whole company in town were appealed to for a confirmation of the fact; whom the cardinal found, by their zealous devotion, to be thorough believers of the miracle. Here the relater was also contemporary to the supposed prodigy, of an incredulous and libertine character, as well as of great genius; the miracle of so singular a nature as could scarcely admit of a counterfeit, and the witnesses very numerous, and all of them, in a manner, spectators of the fact, to which they gave their testimony. And what adds mightily to the force of the evidence, and may double our surprise on this occasion, is, that the cardinal himself, who relates the story, seems not to give any credit to it, and consequently cannot be suspected of any concurrence in the holy fraud. He considered justly, that it was not requisite, in order to reject a fact of this nature, to be able accurately to disprove the testimony, and to trace its falsehood, through all the circumstances of knavery and credulity which produced it, by reason of the bigotry, ignorance, cunning, and roguery of a great part of mankind. He therefore concluded, like a just reasoner, that such an evidence carried falsehood upon the very face of it, and that a miracle, supported by any human testimony, was more properly a subject of derision than of argument.


How America Lost it's Mind
Voltaire (Tolerance) 
 Voltaire  doc. 
Panting for Breath...
Sexual Politics
Gender Is Over
CAVE  animated
VR hype

Waking Life

Darwin documentary

Natural Selection?

melancholy      /      beauty
Game Over
Susan Bordo 
Kelly Oliver 
Shermer   1   /   2
Shermer - Detection
Start at 14:40...  Voltaire + Enlightenment
Skeptical Manifesto      
What is a Robot?
Pop and Philosophy
Gore Vidal
Intro. Vocab. 
FreeWill, Determinism, Suicide
The Suicide of Robin Williams

Ghost at NCC?
 UFO at NCC!
Prince EA
Look Up 
Body Evolution 
The Word Feminism
All Pop Songs
Philos. of Music
Pythagoras and Music (Part 2) 
Music           /         Pop Music Sucks
Music and Goosebumps

Internet Philosophy Encyclopedia
Philosophy Dictionary 
Epistemology Library  
Squashed Philosophers

Philosophy and the Matrix 
 Existential Lexicon
U.S. Bill of Rights 
Kant Study guide
99% ! ?                 99%   cc version
Feminist?         /          CC version

Nagel, The Absurd  
Will to Believe  
Guide for Writing Outlines
amazing mind-reader
Enlightenment, Part 1
       Enlightenment, Part 2
Cobain        /       Beethoven 
Voltaire + Jefferson
Enlight. clip
The Apology of Socrates
3-min. Plato
Cave goof
Socrates on Death:     1     /     2   
Plato's "Phaedo"  
The Essence of  "VR"  
Erotic Ontology of Cyberspace  
Top 10 Reasons to Study Humanities 
Depression Is Real
Will to Believe youtube

Dreamworlds3        /        CC version
3 waves of feminism
Killing Us Softly      /      Slim Hopes
Pharmaceutical video!

Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?
Is Neuroscience the Death of Free Will?
Frankl on Meaning
Fromm on Freedom 
Philosophical Films
slide show Alienation
How to Favorably Impress the Instructor

Secrets of Psychics... 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6
(Part 1 CC version)
            (Part 2 CC version)
           (Part 3 CC version)
Project MUSE
Einstein/Freud letters
Notes From Underground 
James-Will to Believe
The Second Sex
Postmodern Condition
Tolstoy-What Is Art?
Benjamin-Work of Art
The Grand Inquisitor 
Existentialism Is a Humanism 
Myth of the Computer
Dying to be Thin
Modern Meat
Cracking the Code of Life  
Medicating Kids

Faith & Doubt at Ground Zero
The Torture Question
Media Education Foundation Videos
Merchants of Cool
Randi + Astrology