Meet the faces behind the feet that starred in Northampton Community College's "The Places You'll Go" video.

Brian Livezey

Brian Livezey, Automotive Technology

Automotive Technology Feet

Name: Brian Livezey
Major: Automotive Technology
How did you decide on your major? I've always been good with my hands. I grew up working alongside my dad, who is a general contractor. 
Why did you choose NCC? It's the most affordable place you can get an associate degree in applied science. Most other auto tech schools only give you a certificate.
What are your goals after you graduate? I'm planning on transferring to get a bachelor's degree in engineering. I'd like to get my start in automotive technology, designing and improving things like air bags and seatbelts.

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Isiah Hinton-Gray

Isiah Hinton-Gray, Criminal Justice

Basketball Feet

Name: Isiah Hinton-Gray
Major: Criminal Justice
Which position do you play? I play power forward, also known as the four.
What's your favorite part of playing basketball? Blocking shots.
What are the benefits of being a student athlete? My work ethic on the court carries over to the classroom.
What are your goals after you graduate? Transfer to a four-year school, get my bachelor's degree and continue my basketball career.

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Madeline Collis

Madeline Collis, Communication Studies '09

Business and Commencement Feet

Name: Madeline Collis, '09
Are you an NCC graduate? Yes, I was a communication studies major and graduated in 2009.
Where did you go after NCC? I attended East Stroudsburg University and studied public relations and journalism.
What did you like most about being a student at NCC? I loved it here. Everyone was very welcoming and friendly. In fact, I loved it so much I now work here as a special events assistant. I get to attend even more events now as an employee than I did as a student!

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Kimberly Shulterbrandt

Kimberly Shulterbrandt, Culinary Arts

Culinary Feet

Name: Kimberly Shulterbrandt
Major: Culinary Arts
How did you decide on your major? I always liked to watch my mom cook and would love it when she would let me help her in the kitchen. I've been interested in it as long as I can remember. It's one of the things I've just always been good at.
Why did you choose NCC? Because it was closer to home and a more affordable school.
What do you like best about being a culinary major? I love the program. Whenever I tell anyone I'm taking classes here, they rave about how good the program is. It's lived up to its expectations. I'm excited to see what else is in store for me here, I've already learned so much!
What are your goals after you graduate? Ideally, I would love to travel and experience cuisines from all over the world. Then I would return and incorporate everything I've learned into my own cooking to open up a catering business and eventually a restaurant.

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Acta Non Verba Dance Club

Acta Non Verba Dance Club, Open to all majors

Dancing Feet

Name: Acta Non Verba Dance Club
Major: Open to all majors
Club advisor: Tabatha Robinson-Scott
What does Acta Non Verba mean? It's Latin for "Action Not Words."
Does NCC offer a degree in dance? Not at this time, however students can include dance as part of their general education core curriculum. Dance history, ballet, modern dance, and jazz are some of the courses that are offered.
Do members of Acta Non Verba get to perform? Yes, the members take part in the annual Halloween rendition of Michael Jackson's Thriller, and dance concerts have been held every semester since the formation of the club in 2008.

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Sallyann Jeffreys

Sallyann Jeffreys, Childcare Assistant

Early Childhood Education Feet

Name: Sallyann Jeffreys, childcare assistant
Why did you choose a career working with young children? I feel joyful every day as I teach my 3 to 5 year olds in our multi-age preschool - and they teach me! I love supporting them as they represent and express their ideas, challenging them and encouraging them to problem solve and use inventive thinking, while connecting with them to understand their individuality and their culture, family and ability diversity.
How do you work with early childhood education majors in a classroom setting? We mentor, evaluate, assess, and provide feedback for the students while they gain practical experience in the classroom. I really enjoy building relationships with them as they grow and develop their skills and in their processes as well.
What lessons do you most hope education majors will learn while working in your classroom? That we care about them and want them to take the lessons they learn from us and apply them in a kind, respectful and innovative way. Having a highly trained, professional and educated dynamic team of co-teachers is essential to our successful program. And I'd like them to always remember the arts are important!

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Amanda Ingram

Amanda Ingram, Business Management

East 40 Community Garden Feet

Name: Amanda Ingram
Major: Business Management
Why did you choose NCC? Honestly, after high school I did not want to attend college at all. I was in the horticulture program at Bethlehem Vo-Tech and received a scholarship, so I decided to come to NCC and see if college was right for me. It turned out to be the best decision of my life!
How long have you been interested in gardening? How did you get involved with NCC's community garden? I started helping my parents in the flower gardens around our house when I was just a toddler. I heard about NCC's Good Growers Club from Doris Kressly, a neighbor who also happens to be an NCC biology professor. I'll miss being a part of it when I graduate. They are doing great, awesome work out at the East 40!
What are your goals after you graduate? I plan to continue my education at Temple University Ambler in the fall of 2016 for a bachelor's degree in horticulture. My goal is to have my own floral/garden farm someday.

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Karen Klein

Karen Klein, Assistant Professor of Biology

Ecology Feet

Name: Karen Klein, Assistant Professor of Biology
Where was your scene filmed? At Green Pond. It's where I take my ecology students for the turtle study. Many textbook reps try to sell me virtual online labs for my ecology courses. They are computer simulations and replace actually going out to places like Green Pond, Tannersville Bog, and Bushkill Creek. I always refuse. There are many things you have to experience for real by getting your feet wet and dirty, not from behind a computer screen! It would be much cleaner and easier to teach my students how to calculate a turtle population estimate using a computer program with cartoon turtles, but geez, what fun would that be?
What do you enjoy most about teaching ecology? It's hard to pick! But meeting so many interesting and inspirational students and getting to share my love of the outdoors (and turtles!) with them are definitely some of the most enjoyable moments.
What is something you hope students take away from your class? I hope they embrace an enthusiastic attitude towards taking risks and going on adventures - to always learn and explore - and to make it all fun!

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Benjamin Rader

Benjamin Rader, Fine Art

Fine Art Feet

Name: Benjamin Rader
Major: Fine Art
How did you decide on your major? I love expressing myself and found there is no better way to do so than through art.
Why did you choose NCC? I have friends and family that attended. They only had good things to say, so for me it was a no-brainer.
What do you like best about being an art major? I could go on for hours about how I love my time here. The professors have a plethora of knowledge and they are willing to go the extra mile to help with anything. Being a fine art major has been a defining point in my life. I will carry the skills, knowledge and memories with me for the rest of my life.
What are your goals after you graduate? I love teaching and helping others, so I plan on eventually getting my master's in fine art and to hopefully one day become a college art professor. I'm transferring to Kutztown University for my bachelor's in fine art.

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Ashley Crawford

Ashley Crawford, Nursing, LPN

Nursing Feet

Name: Ashley Crawford
High School:  Easton Area High School
Major: Nursing, LPN
How did you decide on your major? I wasn't sure what I wanted to do when I first started at NCC. I changed my major several times until I started working as an EMT. Then I ended up loving the medical field.
What are your goals after you graduate? To pass the NCLEX (the national examination for the licensing of nurses in the United States) and start working as a nurse!
Is the nursing program difficult? It is definitely challenging. But I'm the type of person that gets bored doing the same thing every day. And even though it is challenging, the instructors always find a way to make it fun.

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Laura Sarria

Laura Sarria, Communication Design

Soccer Feet

Name: Laura Sarria
Major: Communication Design
Do you enjoy playing for the NCC women's soccer team? I love it. NCC Spartans are a true family and I cannot wait for next season!
What positions do you play? Middle and forward
Any standout moments from the season? I was named the Northampton Female Athlete of the Year at the Student Celebration on May 5. I was also ranked top 20 in the nation for scoring 15 goals during my freshman season.
What are your goals after you graduate? I want to go to New York City to earn my bachelor's and master's degrees at either Pratt Institute or Parsons School of Design.

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Brittany Abad

Brittany Abad, Theatre

Theatre Feet

Name: Brittany Abad
Major: Theatre
How did you decide on your major? Performing has always been a passion of mine. I knew theatre was the only career for me.
Why did you choose NCC? After living in Pittsburgh my whole life, my girlfriend and I were looking for a change. We wanted to go to school and needed to find somewhere that worked for both of us. We heard NCC was a great school for theatre and fine art, so we applied.
What do you like best about being a theatre major? Bill Mutimer (assistant professor of communications/theatre) is an amazing director. I've had a great time working with him and the other actors and crew.
What are your goals after you graduate? I'd love to go to a four-year school for theatre, but I haven't decided where yet.

Molly Washok

Molly Washok, Theatre

Theatre Feet

Name: Molly Washok
Major: Theatre
Why did you choose NCC? I wanted to find myself and figure out what I wanted to do before transferring to a four-year school. NCC is a great place to start because there are so many opportunities to try different things and to discover who you are and what you're interested in.
How did you decide on your major? I realized that the theatre major offers so much more than just the performance aspects. I found my home in exploring the technical side of the theatre and helping to bring shows to life. Being a theatre major who specializes in stage management and production has fulfilled my desires on a personal and professional level.
What are your goals after you graduate? I plan to transfer to a four-year school and focus on stage management and arts administration. I want to travel and live a life based around the arts.
What's the biggest lesson you learned at NCC? Through the theatre program, I learned to break out of my shell, find my voice, and take advantage of the many opportunities to get involved and learn. Everything I learned here are things I can take into the real world and use to my advantage.

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Jamie, Dog

Veterinary Technician Feet

Jamie's feet were first discovered running down a New Jersey highway, where she had been abandoned at the side of the road. Luckily, she was rescued and ended up in a home in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, where she is one spoiled dog! Whenever she visits her Lehigh Valley vet, she gets treated by technicians who studied at NCC. Jamie likes their gentle touch, plus they always tell her how cute she is!

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Ryan Bohn

Ryan Bohn, Welding Instructor

Welding Feet

Name: Ryan Bohn, welding instructor
How did you become a welder? What originally got me into welding in high school was the ability to play with fire, plus the added bonus of being able to make things that are related to my hobbies at the time and now, like roll cages and frames for cars.
The best part about teaching students welding is: that aha moment. When students see how all the talking I do in the classroom and all the diagrams on the board apply in real life welding, it's like seeing a light bulb flicker, and then go on.
Advice for future welders? Welding is a little bit different than the majority of trades. It requires precise manual dexterity, rhythm and a good sense of time and movement. It's similar to playing a guitar. Very few people just pick it up and play the first time. It takes tons of practice.

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