Top 10 NCC News Stories of 2016

The Year in Review

Top 10 NCC News Stories of 2016

Take a look back at 2016 and the Northampton Community College (NCC) stories that you, our readers, liked the most. Or at least clicked on the most! The most-read articles of 2016 were:

1.   Our Smart Students
When the Dean's List was posted in January and June, students (and proud family members) clicked on the lists in droves! 

 2.   Earn a Bachelor's Degree at NCC
When a partnership between NCC and East Stroudsburg University was announced, readers wanted all the details. It's now possible for NCC grads to earn a bachelor's in business administration or nursing from ESU on Northampton's Bethlehem Campus.

 3.   Carpool Karaoke!
When "Late Late Show" host James Corden visited The White House to play carpool karaoke with First Lady Michelle Obama, he was met by one of NCC's own! Many readers clicked to watch Secret Service Agent Michael Hagan, a 2002 criminal justice grad, greet Corden at The White House gates.   

4.    Staff Appreciation Stardate 2016
The annual Staff Appreciation Dinner boldly went where no other had gone before with a science fiction theme. Lots of clicking ensued to check out the fun photos and see the names of colleagues honored for reaching notable milestones.

5.   This Got Hairy
The goal:  for the NCC Psychology Club to raise money for autism research. The deal:  when different fundraising goals were met, four staff members agreed to everything from shaving their heads to waxing their legs -- publicly!  

6.   Time to Pay Up
Jeffrey Armstrong, Matthew Bartholomew, Mark Henry and Mitchell Murtha honored their word (see #5) and the shaving and waxing took place in Laub Lounge. Everyone wanted to see the before, during and after photos!  

7.   You're in Good Hands
What's the next best thing to getting a massage? Apparently reading about them! Readers wanted to know about Victoria Canavan '15, a massage therapy grad who works at Great Wolf Lodge.    

8.    Author, Author
Looks like NCC news readers enjoy fantasy, action and adventure by how many clicks the article about Associate Professor of English Michael Pogach's first novel, The Spider in the Laurel, received.

 9.   The Trouble with His Name
NCC English professor Javier Ávila -- the poet, novelist and essayist, explored the complexities of his own life and that of other Hispanics in the continental United States in his one-man show. "Avilites" (what his students call themselves) and others clicked to get a recap of his performance.          

10.   Q & A with Harvard Transferee Julian Cutrone
Start at NCC, go anywhere! Julian Cutrone is proof, and students wanted to read about the road he traveled that led from NCC to Harvard.