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Photos by Randy Monceaux
May 21, 2012

staff appreciationThe annual Staff Appreciation Dinner at Northampton Community College on May 18 was full of surprises.  After an absence of almost a decade, the Blues Brothers returned with a baton-waving Marvin Gruber and wannabe security officers in hot pursuit.  Was it Aykroyd and Belushi under the hats and sunglasses or was it deans Connell and Pierpoint?  No matter. The crowd that filled the Spartan Center went wild.  After a feast prepared by the stars from Sodexo,  the Blues Brothers amped up the energy in the room and even got Kris Bergan, John DeVito and Ruth Werkheiser up in the Conga line.  

Of course, NCC faculty and staff are no one-act wonders.  Not only do they like to party, they teach and mentor students and engage with the community in ways that merit special recognition. The following awards that were presented during a ceremony that inspired several standing ovations: 

Christensen Award for Excellence in Teaching:
Charles Rinehimer (Biological Sciences) 

Dick and Pat Richardson Northampton Spirit Award:
Deb Bohr (Service Learning)

Support Staff Excellence Award:
Diane Holva (Financial Aid)

Professional Staff Excellence Award:
Carolyn Brady (Counseling) 

Professional Staff Excellence Award:
Tamara Tucker Mehlig (President's Office) 


Award for Excellence in Teaching by an Adjunct Faculty Member:
Richard R. Ruck, Jr. (Criminal Justice) 

Excellence in Non-Credit Instruction Award:
Rosemary Towne (Adult  Basic Education and English as a Second-Language) 


To Professor:
Ross J. Bandics - Counseling
Randy L. Boone - English
Vertel L. Martin - Criminal Justice
Kenneth R. Trionfo - Architecture 

To Associate Professor:
Christine K. Armstrong - Communication/Theatre
Annette M. Bruno - Education
David J. Gelormo - Chemistry
Charles J. Mathers - Mathematics
Susan M. Roth - Culinary Arts 

To Assistant Professor:
Victor C. Bast - Automotive Technology
Courtney L. Coleman - Library
Thomas A. Gonzalez - Counseling


Christine K. Armstrong - Assistant Professor, Communication/Theatre
Javier E. Avila - Associate Professor, English
Julie A. Beetem - Associate Professor, Communication/Theatre
Celisa Y. Counterman - Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Beatriz Villar-Fernandez - Assistant Professor, Biology
Karen L. Klein - Professional Assistant, Early Childhood Education
Christina M. Lincoln - Assistant Professor, Early Childhood Education
Vertel T. Martin - Associate Professor, Criminal Justice
John F. Spirk, Jr. - Associate Professor, Criminal Justice
Jason D. Zulli - Assistant Professor, Art 


Lucille H. Keim - MS, Health Administration, University of St. Francis
Addirys Lugo-Bermudez - MA, Criminal Justice, DeSales University
Jennifer E. Pizarro - MHS, Human Service, Lincoln University
Melissa D. Starace - Ed.D., Higher Education Management, University of Pennsylvania
Rachael L. Stumpp - MS, Management and Leadership in Public Administration, East Stroudsburg  University
Judith A. Williams - Ph.D., Human Development, Health Promotion, Marywood University 


Willard T. Craig-Campus Security, Nov. 30, 2011
Thomas J. Frangicetto - Professor, Psychology, Dec. 31, 2011
Sharon L. Jordan - Secretary, CBI, Mar. 30, 2012
Susan K. Kubik - Vice President, Institutional Advancement, June 30, 2012
Diane T. Moncman - Secretary, International Education, Dec. 31, 2011
Arthur L. Scott - President, June 30, 2012
Teresa J. Sigal-Greene - Director, Dental Auxiliary Programs, Aug. 25, 2012
Zoland Z. Zile - Director, Radiography, June 30, 2012 

William F. Bearse (posthumous) - Adjunct, Student Affairs 

Sharon T. Gavin-Levy - Professor, English
Douglas E. Heath - Professor, Geography and Geology 

Mario J. Acerra, Professor - Communication/Theatre
James I. Benner - Director, Center for Teaching and Learning/Academic Assessment
Jacqueline A. Crocetti - Professor, Nursing
Julie B. Houston - Professor, English, Monroe Campus
Deborah L. Levin-Goldstein - Professor, Dental Hygiene 

Mardi McGuire Closson - Vice President, Student Affairs/Dean of Students
Susan E. Shook - Staff Accountant
Tamara L. Tucker-Mehlig - Assistant to the President/Secretary to the Board
Kathleen M. Yarbrough - Secretary, Counseling/Advising/Disability Services

Elizabeth Critelli - Bookstore Clerk
Sharon L. Karonias - BEST Lab
Paul D. Reitmeir - Adjunct, Community Education
Lamont (Bart) D. Springer - Adjunct, Community Education 

Thomas G. Barnowski - Director, Emergency Services and Corporate and Public Safety Training
Maria T. Donate - Professor, Counseling
Dawn M. Dziensis - Online Learning Assistant
Michelle S. Eisenreich - Child Care Assistant
Debra J. Gilbert-Lee - Finance Office Assistant
Manuel A. Gonzalez - Associate Dean/Director, International Program
Kathy L. Kapcsos - Director, Institutional Research
Barbara A. McElrone - Secretary, Counseling
Christine A. Murphy - Child Care Assistant
Teresa J. Sigal-Greene - Director, Dental Auxiliary Programs
Bruce C. Wall - Associate Professor, Art 

Anthony J. Bauer - Custodian, Physical Plant
David M. Bolash - Adjunct, Community Education
Lenore E. Crago - Adjunct, Business and Technology
James W. George - Adjunct, Community Education
Doris A. Kressly - Adjunct, Allied Health and Sciences
Lawrence E. Olsheski - Adjunct, Business and Technology
Paul A. Pruce - Professional Tutor, Learning Center
Samuel A. Schaadt - Adjunct, Community Education
Wanda K. Wyffels - Adjunct, Online Learning
JoAnne M. Zaun - Custodian, Physical Plant 

Debra A. Bohr - Service Learning Administrator
Karen S. Britt - Assistant Professor, Business - Monroe Campus
Dracie L. Claus - Media Lab Assistant
Janet S. Coll - Assistant Director, Adult Literacy
Mary Lou Collis - Scheduling Assistant
Marian T. Doyle - Associate Professor, Nursing
Deborah L. Driscole - Assistant Director, Hospitality Careers and Program Manager, Table Games Training
Timothy D. Grube - Custodian
Karen Langlands-Layton - Instructional Manager, Adult Literacy
Susan R. Manela - Professional Assistant, BEST Lab
Celia A. McEnroe - Textbook Manager
John P. Schreiber - Assistant Director, Technical Programs
Magdalena Simonka - Secretary, International Education
Craig L. Supers - Network Administrator
John G. Thomas III - Professor, Business/Law/Paralegal Studies
Maria L. Vega - Custodian
Harold Weiss - Professor, Philosophy 

Joanne M. Callery - Server, Culinary
Thomas J. Cooper - Adjunct, Business and Technology
Tracey A. D'Imperio-Lasslett - Adjunct, Humanities and Social Sciences
Charles Giannetta - Adjunct, Humanities and Social Sciences
Krista Harrison - Adjunct, Community Education
Gail A. Lutsky - Adjunct, Humanities and Social Sciences
Thomas J. Polanski - Adjunct, Allied Health and Sciences
Cheryl Tucker - Adjunct, Business and Technology
Michael V. Vasilik - Senior Chemist, ETAC
Katherine M. Weichel - Advisor, Monroe Campus 

Sandra L. Achey - Payroll Manager
Marianne E. Atherton - Production Administrator
Richard M. Barner - Custodian
Marvin A. Beahn - Maintenance
Randy A. Brodhead - Systems Technician
Elizabeth T. Bugaighis - Dean, Education and Academic Success
Daniel G. Ebner - Assistant Professor, Architecture
Lynn Fischer - Secretary, Career Services
Jeffrey W. Focht - Vice President, Academic Affairs
Donna B. Goss - Co-Director, Leadership Development Institute
Carrie M. Hirschman - Assistant Director, Youth Programs
Sallyann Jeffreys - Child Care Assistant
Denom M. Krall - Senior Support Center Technician
Christina M. Lincoln - Assistant Professor, Early Childhood Education
Barbara Love - Instructional Assistant, Reading/Writing Coordinator
Jennifer A. Napierkowski - Assistant Director, Career Services
Erin Reilly - Associate Professor, Sociology - Monroe Campus
Judith Rex - Director, Center for Healthcare Education
Catherine E. Rienzo - Associate Professor, Sonography
Kelly Lynn Rizzotto - Child Care Assistant
Donald W. Robertson - Co-Director, Leadership Development Institute
Michelle Sadigh - Secretary, Community Programs
Frank P. Sarko - Custodian
Annette Savo - Finance Office Assistant
Jonathan Sumerfield - Central Duplicating Operator
Sherri A. Todaro - Finance Office Assistant
Luis G. Vazquez - Graphic Designer
Mary T. Zegarski - Professor, Computer Science 

John Berseth - Adjunct, Business and Technology
John R. Biglin - Adjunct, Online Learning
Randi Blauth - Adjunct, Community Education
William Bly - Adjunct, Humanities and Social Sciences
Eileen Breslin - Adjunct, Community Education
Denise M. Chaytor-Zugarek - Adjunct, Humanities and Social Sciences - Monroe 
Kathlene F. Cutcliffe - Adjunct, Humanities and Social Sciences
Charlotte Ford - Dishwasher, Culinary
Lenore M. D. Gerould - Lab Assistant, Allied Health and Sciences
Kevin Jones - Adjunct, Community Education
Marie Kelleher - Adjunct, Community Education
Jeffrey R. Kleckner - Adjunct, Humanities and Social Sciences
Eric Leonardo - Adjunct, Allied Health and Sciences
Lorraine M. Lockawich - Adjunct, Allied Health and Sciences
MaryAnne Lynch - Adjunct, Online Learning
Frank Madura - Adjunct, Business and Technology
Deborah T. Maurer - Adjunct, Online Learning
Donna K. McGee - Adjunct, Online Learning
Joette V. Mills - Adjunct, Online Learning
Daniel Oswald - Adjunct, Business and Technology
Kathleen M. Parr - Adjunct, Community Education
Anne H. Parsons - Adjunct, Allied Health and Sciences
Nicholas F. Politi - Adjunct, Humanities and Social Sciences
Susan Schultheis - Systems Technician, Computer Services
Julia B. Shade - Adjunct, Humanities and Social Sciences
Marjorie L. Stern - Adjunct, Online Learning
Thomas C. Stewart - Adjunct, Online Learning
Rodney B. Strohl - Adjunct, Business and Technology
Joseph M. Szabo - Adjunct, Community Education
Lucile W. Thompson - Adjunct, Allied Health and Sciences  
Robert H. Thompson - Adjunct, Humanities and Social Sciences
Krista Trout - Adaptive Lab Specialist, Disability Services
Ruth V. Werkheiser - Customer Service Representative, Call Center
Clair Q. Williamson - Adjunct, Business and Technology
Gail M. Woicekowski - Adjunct, Online Learning 

Four other awards were presented that weren't on the program. Karl Stackhouse, the chair of Northampton's Board of Trustees, took the mike to announce that Art Scott and Sue Kubik, each of whom have worked at Northampton for 35+ years will be named president emeritus and administrator emerita on their retirements next month.  He also presented both with Spartan awards.  "I always wanted one of these," the president said. 

The applause from the crowd was long and sustained.  The alma mater wasn't sung, but the words rang true: 

As the flow of time moves gently along,
We recall the past in the words of a song.
Ever changing yet one thing the same:
Oh Northampton,
In our hearts you remain.

And the band played on.

To see more photos from the evening, visit this Flickr gallery.




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