Visions of Gumdrops

November 21, 2012

Munchkinland from "Wizard of Oz." The famous Coliseum. A beach bungalow. You can vgingerbread houseisit all these - and more - by stopping by the lobby of the Hampton Winds restaurant. A space-time paradox mastered by Northampton Community College science students? Nope, these whimsical gingerbread houses are the creation of our culinary students!

In what has become a holiday tradition, NCC culinary students work together to create the fun (and fragrant) gingerbread houses. While some choose to go the traditional route, others decide to put a new spin on the Christmas classic.

Please feel free to stop by and check them out. But no snacking please!gingerbread house

The Hampton Winds Restaurant is Northampton Community College's student-training facility for the Culinary Arts program.

Lunch and dinner are offered Monday through Friday year-round and the menu is changed periodically.



gingerbread house



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