Geology & Geography

Physical Sciences

Geography is concerned with studying the earth's topography and climate and how these affect people and living things. Geographers analyze economic, social, and physical resources while attempting to explain the relationships between people and their environment. They examine locations, places, movements of people, and human/environmental interactions in different regions of the world. Geology is a study of the physical nature of planet earth, its composition, structure and landforms as well as the natural processes which have created and shaped our planet over time. Geography and geology courses are offered on a non-major basis and satisfy general education requirements in the physical sciences.

History courses provide students with a better understanding of the historical roots of our nation and the world, and seek to promote the understanding and importance of learning about national and international events and leaders throughout history. Students may pursue a BA in History by using the elective credits in the Liberal Arts program toward a concentration in History. Likewise, students may use the elective credits in the Liberal Arts program toward a concentration in Political Science. Like history, political science provides us with an understanding of political processes and government systems.

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