Login FAQ & Password Retrieval



  1. Go to the NCC Blackboard Website: http://northampton.blackboard.com
  2. Click on the Login button.
  3. Enter your username. Your user name is the same as your NCC student ID (found on your registration form).
  4. Enter your password. (Until you change it, your password is the same as your username.)
  5. Click on the Login button.

Quick start guide for students (requires Adobe Acrobat reader)



    1. Enter your Student ID and the password issued to your by the Records Office.
      (Password is case sensitive)

More Information

Forgot your Password?
If you do not know your MyNCC username and/or password, you should go the Records Office in the Student Enrollment Center at the Main Campus, or the Enrollment Office at the Monroe Campus, with a photo ID to have your login/password information printed out. Online students can fax a signed request to 610-861-5551 giving their name, student ID number, mailing address, and phone number. A letter will sent via U.S. Mail containing the student account information.
* Passwords are not released by e-mail or over the telephone.

Student Web Mail

  1. Access your student email by logging into MyNCC. Click on Student Email button. If prompted, enter your MyNCC user name and password again.


NCC Online Knowledgebase

Are you having a little technical difficulty or just have a simple question you need answered? Problem Solved! Now the power of the NCC computer support center is right at your fingertips. Our new online knowledgebase is being updated on a daily basis. The best documentation comes from people like you. If you have a document that you have written and feel it should be included in our knowledgebase please email it to helpdesk@northampton.edu to be reviewed. Click here to enter the knowledgebase

If there is an issue you are unable to resolve through the knowledgebase please contact the NCC support center at 610-861-5413 or send them an email to helpdesk@northampton.edu.

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