Eligibility Verification Documents

Confused about what to bring with you may want to bring with you to meet with a specialist at NCC? The following is a listing of useful documents it may be useful to bring with you when applying for any assistance or benefits (bringing more than one of any of these documents is not necessary, but having them on hand may hasten the process):

General Eligibility Documents:

  1. Social Security Numbers and cards
  2. Citizenship- birth certificate, baptismal certificate, Alien Registration, US Passport, DD124,
  3. Residency- driver's license, PA photo ID, Unemployment, Public Assistance Records
  4. Selective Service-Selective Service Cards, Internet verification, Acknowledgement letter
  5. Veterans-DD214
  6. Disability Status- Verification of Disability, OVR Referral, Certificate of completion from Rehab Center

Displaced Worker

  1. Date and reason for layoff-letter of layoff, unemployment insurance, Company notice of layoff,
  2. Eligible to collect- UC Benefit Payment History Screen
  3. Financial Eligibility- Notice of determination
  4. Displaced Homemaker-spouse's Death Certificate, Divorce decree, separation papers or IRS Documentation.

Income Eligible- usually needs 6 months

Economic Status

  1. Pay stubs or payroll record for all working members of the family
  2. Last updated letter from any kind of Social Security- SSA-SSI-disability, widow or retirement
  3. Spousal Support Child Support papers/printout form Domestic Relations
  4. Check stubs or statement from Worker's Compensation
  5. Proof of Income from Pensions
  6. Proof of Income Interest/Dividends

Welfare Food Stamps

  1. DPA Eligibility Letter
  2. Food Stamp Verification letter plus Access Card
  3. Printout from Public Assistance
  4. Supplemental Security Income-SSI Award Letter

Number in family

  1. IRS Form, Birth, Marriage, Divorce Certificates
  2. Landlord Statement
  3. Child Support
  4. Public assistance
  5. Proof of disability
  6. Statement for 24 hour facility

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