Assistive Technology

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NCC's adaptive computer lab, located in the Disability Services office, is specially designed to support students with disabilities. In addition to numerous academic software programs, the adaptive computer lab includes the following assistive technology:

Dragon Naturally Speaking Preferred - voice to text dictation program that enables students to create documents by speaking to the computer instead of typing.

Inspiration - allows students to think and learn visually, creates a picture of ideas or concepts in the form of a diagram or provides outline format to follow for developing ideas into written documents.

Screen readers - advanced reading tools that convert printed word into speech.

Featured equipment includes:

  • assorted track balls, keyboards, calculators and mouse devices
  • lap top computer for in class use
  • FM listening system
  • speaking dictionary
  • adjustable stations
  • closed caption decoders
  • digital and tape recorders
  • Pulse Smartpen
  • Merlin CCTV
  • Ubi-Duo Communication Device
  • QuickLine Reading Pen
  • Braille Embosser