State Authorization and Professional Licensure


Out-of-state Students

Northampton Community College is:

  • accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.
  • authorized as an institution of higher education by the state of Pennsylvania.
  • a member of the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA).
    • NCC may offer online courses and internships to students in other SARA member states in accordance with the terms and provisions of SARA.
    • Currently forty-nine states plus the District of Columbia participate in SARA.
    • California does not participate in SARA.

The State a student resides in while completing an educational activity, such as an internship or an online course, is the State that has authority to regulate the activity.

If you are located in California and wish to register for one of our online offerings or participate in an internship/clinical placement, please inquire before registering to confirm whether NCC may offer those educational activities in your state by calling 610-861-5500.

As an out-of-state student, should you have a complaint, please submit a student complaint form though NCC's Reporting Concerns and Complaints page. In the unlikely event that NCC is unable to resolve your complaint:

  • students in SARA member states may lodge an appeal with the Pennsylvania Department of Education.
  • students in California may utilize the complaint process within their own state.
  • access this link to a PDF containing student complaint information for each state.

State Authorization

Northampton Community College is physically located in the state of Pennsylvania and borders, within 30 miles, the state of New Jersey. State authorization is what allows NCC and other institutions to conduct certain educational activities outside of their home state. Every state has its own regulations that we must follow in order to conduct educational activities in that state.

Professional Licensure

There are certain careers or fields that require a professional license. Licensure is the act of granting a license to practice a profession (Merriam-Webster, 2018). Licensure requirements to be licensed in a given field may vary by state. NCC’s professional licensure programs are designed to prepare students for a license in the state of Pennsylvania. For students who wish to practice in a state other than Pennsylvania, including the state of New Jersey, you may or may not have additional requirements you must complete prior to applying for your license in your state of choice.

If you are a Northampton or Monroe County student living outside of Pennsylvania or intending to complete an internship or clinical placement outside of the state in a NCC program leading to professional licensure, you should review requirements on the state board website to make sure that the program qualifies.

Licensure requirements vary from state to state and you may require additional authorization from the professional licensing agency in that state. Participating in a program from outside of Pennsylvania, if not properly authorized by that state's professional licensing board, could result in loss of licensing eligibility. If you need help or have questions, please contact your program's academic department for more information.

International Students/Students Traveling Abroad

NCC makes every effort to comply with any foreign country's regulations concerning distance education, as far as can be determined. If you are participating in an online course/program from outside of the United States, please review your country's regulations regarding any limitations on online/distance education the country may impose.