College Diversity Committee


The College Diversity Committee is made up of a variety of faculty, staff and students whose role is to review and recommend appropriate steps to create a more inclusive campus community at Northampton Community College.

This committee meets monthly and attendance is open to members of the NCC college community.  Our committee roster is as follows:

  • Donna Acerra; Professor-Communications

  • Belinda Austin; Interim Chair

  • Carolyn Bortz, Vice President for Academic Affairs

  • Karen Britt; Professor-Business

  • Nate Carpenter; Director, Center for Global Education and International Services

  • James Colón; Assistant Professor-Counseling, Hispanic Caucus Representative

  • Teresa Donate; Professor-Counseling

  • Aron Furman; Student Representative

  • Sonia Massie; Assistant Professor-Biology

  • Josiah Mount; Assistant Professor, Mathematics

  • Lorelei Perez-Ruffo; Assistant Professor-Counseling

  • Erin Reilly; Professor-Sociology

  • Precie Schroyer; Associate Dean-Monroe Campus

  • Mel Sivells; Associate Professor-Education

  • Gina Turner; Associate Professor-Psychology, Pan-African Caucus Representative

  • Ginger Yavorski; Registrar

Meeting minutes are available upon request.  General inquiries should be directed to Belinda Austin at