College Diversity Committee


The College Diversity Committee is made up of a variety of faculty, staff and students whose role is to review and recommend appropriate steps to create a more inclusive campus community at Northampton Community College.

This committee meets monthly and attendance is open to members of the NCC college community.  Our committee roster is as follows:

  • Donna Acerra; Professor-Communications

  • Scott Blair; Chief Diversity Officer and Title IX Coordinator, Chair

  • Carolyn Bortz, Vice President for Academic Affairs

  • Karen Britt; Professor-Business

  • Nate Carpenter; Director, Center for Global Education and International Services

  • James Colón; Assistant Professor-Counseling, Hispanic Caucus Representative

  • Teresa Donate; Professor-Counseling

  • Aron Furman; Student Representative

  • Sonia Massie; Assistant Professor-Biology

  • Josiah Mount; Assistant Professor, Mathematics

  • Lorelei Perez-Ruffo; Assistant Professor-Counseling

  • Erin Reilly; Professor-Sociology

  • Precie Schroyer; Associate Dean-Monroe Campus

  • Mel Sivells; Associate Professor-Education

  • Gina Turner; Associate Professor-Psychology, Pan-African Caucus Representative

  • Ginger Yavorski; Registrar

Meeting minutes are available upon request.  General inquiries should be directed to the NCC Chief Diversity Officer, Scott Blair, at

Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Action Plan

The NCC College Diversity and Inclusion Committee has been in the process of developing a college-wide Diversity Strategic Action Plan since the Fall of 2019.  In developing a draft plan, the committee started with a SWOT exercise during the Fall 2019 term.

The importance of a Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Action Plan is that it establishes a defined path that the College will follow to improve and enhance our commitment to the work.  The plan will focus on two key areas:

1). GOALS - the ‘what needs to be done’ broad areas of focus

2). STRATEGIES - the ‘how we will do it’ specific action commitments

These page will serve as the home for that content as the NCC Diversity Committee connections with our community in building this plan with an anticipation completion of May 2020.