Pan-African Caucus

Pan African Caucus

The Pan African Caucus is a group of full and part-time faculty and staff from the Bethlehem and Monroe campuses. We have joined together to promote the success of Pan African students, faculty and staff at Northampton. You'll find PAC members teaching your classes, assisting you in college offices, and serving you in various ways on campus. Whether you meet us inside the classroom or out, our mission is to help you reach your educational goals. Contact us at:

Below is a list of current members: 

  • Brian E.  Alnutt  (Professor, History)
  • Lauryn V.  Artis-Woodman  (Manager, Instructional Design)
  • Gwendolyn G.  Capers-Wilson  (Instructor, Hospitality)
  • LaToya A.  Dubery  (Academic Advisor)
  • Sedgwick L.  Harris  (Vice President, Student Affairs and Enrollment)
  • Sholomo B.  Levy  (Professor, History)
  • Michelle A.  Marshburn  (Adjunct Faculty, Psychology)
  • Sonia E.  Massie  (Assistant Professor, Biology)
  • Demetrius D.  Mullen  (Admissions Assistant)
  • Tracie L.  Springer  (Academic Advisor)
  • Kamau T.  Wa-Kenyatta  (Adjunct Faculty, History)
  • Ginger B.  Yavorski  (Registrar)
  • Reginald Akpom (Program Manager, CAD CAM Technologies)
  • Belinda Austin (Associate Dean, Student Services)
  • Terrence Bomar (Coach, Women's Basketball)
  • Devyn Briggs (Specialist, Career Services)
  • Karen Britt (Professor, Business)
  • Princess J.  Calhoun (Records Assistant)
  • Virginia Coleman (Associate Director, Adivisng and Transfer Services)
  • Stanley Ebede (Director, Center for Civic & Community Engagement)
  • Karlene Fils-Aime (Secretary, Student Life)
  • Denise Francois (Dean, School of Business & Industry)
  • Amber Gore (Program Coordinator, Center for International Education)
  • Shanita Hubbard (Adjunct Faculty, Criminal Justice)
  • Vertel Martin (Professor, Criminal Justice)
  • Cleveland McCray (Academic Advisor)
  • Robert Robinson (Vice President, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion)
  • Melenese Sivells (Associate Professor, Early Childhood Education)
  • Gina Turner (Professor, Psychology)
  • Kelvin West (Academic Advisor/Success Navigator)

Pan African Caucus