Fausto Castillo

Fausto Castillo

For Fausto Castillo, motivating and encouraging others is the essence of Northampton Community College (NCC) as well of his own life. He believes in following personal dreams with motivation and sacrifice to make these aspirations come true.

Born in Caracas, Venezuela to university professors, he credits his parents with showing him the value of ethics and study. He has made the Dean's List for three semesters. Additionally, he is assisting people in another way, working full-time at Amazon, where he translates for employees who do not speak English and prepares new workers for their jobs. Good planning, discipline and perseverance let him balance his studies and work.

Castillo is grateful for the scholarships that have enabled him to continue his studies. "The NCC Foundation helped me find scholarships, and the Latin Leadership Conference helped me, too."

Castillo chose NCC because it is highly recognized throughout the country for its excellent professors and fine academic credentials. True to his nature, his decision to major in psychology stems from a desire to "help people with their emotional problems and help them achieve their goals."

Castillo's goal after NCC graduation is to continue his education at Harvard or Penn State University. He looks forward to saying, with pride, that he came from a community college. Eventually, he plans to earn a doctorate in clinical psychology.

His advice for psychology majors is to focus on the readings, avoid procrastinating on assignments and keep ongoing communication with professors. "We have incredible teachers, who are an inspiration," he says. He also recommends that students choose different psych courses so that they know the different fields they can follow.

Castillo says, "our college is a small representation of the best of our country and society and is made up of people and families with positive values and willingness to help others in any circumstance, which for me has been a beautiful and very positive experience."