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Institutional Effectiveness

Provides leadership, oversight, management, and Integration of the College's institutional research, planning and assessment activities

  • Builds bridges among institutional goals, the needs of the college community, assessment activities, and institutional research analyses
  • Develops, implements, maintains, and refines plan for systematic data collection and ongoing assessment of institutional effectiveness and student learning
  • Collaborates with academic, administrative, and student service units to assess performance relative to strategic initiatives and divisional/departmental goals and objectives
  • Provides college stakeholders with quantitative and qualitative information for strategic planning, accreditation, and improving performances (closing the loop)
  • Serves as a resource for effective practices in assessment, data analyses, program evaluations/audits, and annual plans and reports

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  • Analysis and dissemination of data relative to student performance and student demographics
    • Analyzes key indicators of student performance, retention, and graduation
    • Compiles and maintains the college's Fact Book
    • Shares program analytics with college stakeholders
  • Develops and provides oversight for the college's Institutional Effectiveness Plan
    • Contribute to the development and maintenance of an institutional effectiveness website and assessment repository
  • Coordinates with academic affairs to support assessment of student learning and program audits including the development of rubrics
    • Develops assessment calendar in collaboration with academic affairs (VPAA, AVPAA, Academic Deans, Program Coordinators, and faculty)
    • Assisting with assessment of Program Learning Outcomes, Gen Ed, Course-Level Learning Outcomes and Curriculum Mapping
  • Coordinates with academic and non-academic units (including student affairs, administration, advancement) to support assessment of strategic and annual objectives
  • Complies with required reporting – both internal and external (e.g., IPEDS, ATD, VFA, PIMS)
  • Designs and administers surveys and analyses and disseminates results (e.g., CCSSE, SENSE, institutional-created surveys)
    • Engages in benchmarking based on survey data (e.g., CCSSE) and other data sources (e.g., ATD, VFA)
  • Coordinates MSCHE accreditation (includes ALO) and assists faculty and program coordinators with program accreditation
  • Oversees Institutional Review Board (IRB)
  • Participate in planning sessions and retreats to ensure the integration of assessment strategies into the long-term vision
  • Participates in the Academic Assessment Committee and Institutional Effectiveness Committee
    • Serves on other committees where appropriate (such as Data Management, Student Success Collaborative, Enrollment Taskforce, Completion Agenda Committee, Gen Ed CORE Committee)
  • Collaborate with HR and the CTL to provide assessment training to faculty and staff


David A. Ruth, Ph.D.
Vice President / Chief of Staff
Office of the President
College Center, Suite 418

Dorothy L. Schramm
Senior Director of Institutional Effectiveness
106-B Penn Hall

Marco P. Anglesio
Director of Institutional Research & Analytics
College Center, Room 435

Andrew R. Gluszynski
Research Associate
College Center, Room 435