Areas of Strategic Focus


NCC has comprehensive Strategic Plan that aligns with the college's mission and helps us move forward with a focus on continuous improvement. The plan has six Strategic Focus Areas (SFAs)  with initiatives underway in each area to help us achieve our goals. More detailed information can be found on our internal sites on MyNCC and SharePoint.

The Strategic Focus Areas of the College

Enhancing Student Access
Create multiple pathways and reduce barriers to college entry through collaborative work with our school district and workforce partners, while offering quality, affordable, and responsive educational opportunities for all of our student populations

Inspiring Academic Excellence
Engaging students with high-quality instruction delivered by experienced, professional, and dedicated faculty following best practices in a engaging, dynamic, and collaborative environment to support learning

Fostering Diversity & Global Engagement
Encourage and expand the vast diversity we celebrate at NCC and learn from our unique perspectives, while preparing our students to navigate the complexities and nuances of our world

Engaging with our Communities
Engage and develop the internal and external communities we serve in unique and collaborative ways, helping students to become better citizens and to further address the needs of our communities

Advancing Excellence in Technology
Supporting our students, by providing faculty and staff with technology that will empower and inspire them to deliver the most effective teaching and instructional support for all learners

Increasing Student Retention, Completion, & Transfer 
Align the College's practices, strategies, policies, and procedures to provide a comprehensive student experience that will promote students' success in attaining the degree, credential, or endeavor sought