Remote Placement Testing

If students are unable to test in-person during our on-campus hours, remote testing is available by request.

  • Testers need to be accepted to NCC and have a student ID#, which is included with their acceptance information.
  • Testers need to access their NCC email account to receive testing confirmation and instructions.
  • Testers will need a computer and webcam that can support Accuplacer and Zoom.
  • Check that your computer can support and run Accuplacer. Visit and then click "Verify System" at the bottom of the webpage.
  • Download and install Zoom Client for Meetings.
  • Test that Zoom is installed and working correctly. 
  • If a Chromebook is the only option testers have for testing, a separate download will be necessary. Testers should note on their sign-up request form that they will need to use a Chromebook for testing.

Use the following form to sign up for a Remote Placement Test.

Fill out my online form.