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Dual Admissions

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Dual Admissions

A dual admissions agreement is a transfer program formed with specific schools that allows students to identify early what institution they would like to transfer to and ease the planning process with security of knowing credits will transfer.

In order to be considered a dual admissions applicant to their transfer destination students need to:

  1. Fill out and submit a dual admissions intent form for the desired university (typically this needs to be done before a certain number of credits is completed by the student)
  2. Graduate with a GPA that the transfer destination requires
  3. Finish with a C or better in all coursework at NCC
  4. Graduate from NCC with an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree

Benefits of the dual admissions programs are:

  1. Additional scholarships available to dual admissions students
  2. Waived application fees when they apply to their transfer destination


Core-to-Core transfer agreements allow students to transfer with the understanding that after they complete an Associate of Art or Associate of Science that their general education (or core) requirements are fulfilled and will transfer successfully to their given destination and fulfil that institutions core education requirements.

Program-to-program (P2P)

Program-to-program agreements or P2Ps are designed so that students have a map of the necessary curriculum to meet both the requirements for an associate degree and the corresponding requirements at a four-year institution within their desired major.


Honors transfer agreements are for students in the honors program at NCC. These agreements give honors students the advantage of waived application fees, preferred admissions decisions, additional scholarships, and different financial assistance not available to non-honors students.

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General Transfer Agreement, Seamless Transfer, Memo of Understanding, & Equivalency List

General transfer, seamless transfer , and memo of understanding agreements all allow a student who receives an A.A. or A.S. (Associate of Arts or Associate of Science, respectively) at NCC and all grades are at least a C, the student can transfer their entire degree. Students who do not earn an Associate degree are not covered by the agreement and their classes are evaluated on a course by course basis.

A course equivalency list exists to allow the transfer advisor to advise a student specifically on a course by course basis to make sure that certain courses transfer correctly when a student is not planning to get an Associate degree or is still deciding.