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Honors Courses

In any given semester, the following Honors Courses are available:

Biology: Contemporary Biology
Communications: Speech Communications
Chemistry: Chemistry in Contemporary Society
English: English I & II, Irish Literature, African American Literature, Literature: Shakespeare
Geography: Contemporary Middle East
History: American History I & II
Journalism: Journalism & Society
Philosophy: Introduction to Philosophy, Ethics & Moral Problems, Asian Philosophies
Political Science: Introduction to Political Science
Psychology: Introduction to Psychology, Developmental Psychology
Sociology: Principles of Sociology

Students are designated Honors program graduates on their transcripts if they have completed 12 credits (four courses) of honors coursework with a minimum 3.5 GPA.

Students also have the opportunity to get involved with the Honors Program Student Fellowship, a club that develops a sense of community among students and provides planning and feedback for development of the Honors program and related trips.