Business & Professional Services

Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit with a goal of thriving in business or industry? Are you smart and goal driven? With passionate instructors equipped with real world experience, NCC's business and professional services degree programs prepare you to become a successful professional who thinks critically and solves problems logically. Our programs offer an interactive and hands-on approach to learning.

Business & Professional Non-Credit Options

Non-credit courses and certificates are a great way to enhance your skills and grow your knowledge base. Classes can be completed in a shorter timeframe, so you can enter the workforce more quickly while furthering your education. Non-credit classes do not qualify for financial aid, but funding is available through alternative options.

Business & professional services programs prepare students for careers as varied as marketing, management and accounting to the culinary arts, funeral services, hospitality and much more. Careers like these may have you working with financial statements, analyzing data and interpreting trends, to supporting office operations, or managing an overall business plan. Or if a bachelor's degree is in your future, and you want a top notch, affordable education, NCC is a great place to start.