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Computer and Information Technology

With every aspect of our lives dependent on computers and information technology, there's a continuing demand for professionals who can set up, program and manage computers, computer peripherals, web sites and local area networks. Northampton's computer and information technology programs help meet that demand by producing graduates who have the latest knowledge and hands-on skills and are well prepared to pursue a bachelor's degree in a related area if that is their goal.

Whether you are using a smart phone, computer, or the enormous database that stores information online, professionals are needed to design software, maintain information systems, and troubleshoot network issues. If you are interested in working with technology in an expanding and innovative environment, consider a career in the fast-growing Information Technology industry.

Graduates of NCC's computer and information technology programs are well prepared to effectively communicate and analyze information related to computer systems, configure and maintain those systems, and develop solutions to programming problems. By working closely with your advisor, you can earn transferable credits that will allow you to enter a four-year institution with the first two years of course material completed. You'll save thousands of dollars on your education in the process.