Northampton Community College is an excellent place to start your journey to becoming a teacher.  Students choose from four distinct degree programs and an array of shorter term diplomas and certificates to prepare for a variety of teaching positions in settings such as public schools, parochial and private schools, as well as childcare centers and Head Start programs.  Explore the degree options: 

Education Non-Credit Options

Non-credit courses and certificates are a great way to enhance your skills and grow your knowledge base. Classes can be completed in a shorter timeframe, so you can enter the workforce more quickly while furthering your education. Non-credit classes do not qualify for financial aid, but funding is available through alternative options.

Required Student Paperwork

All students taking education classes in a major that requires field experiences are required to complete background checks and relevant medical and personal reference checks. Student must begin the paperwork process as soon as they enroll as education majors this allows ample time for paperwork to be completed, submitted to NCC, and processed. View Student Requirements